10 Types of Feminists You Will Encounter

By Hillary Essien | Jun 17, 2021

 The concept of feminism is simple. Equal rights for women. But seeing as politics and ideologies are received differently by different people, here are a few types of feminists you will most likely encounter in your lifetime.

1. The NGO Feminist:

They are vastly exposed with a few diplomas on their shelf. Works a high powered job and runs a lot of projects. This feminist is eloquent and can quote ANY Feminist theory from ANY era. They know the right outfit to wear for any occasion but… They are also completely out of touch, probably underpay their workers and will do anything to protect the establishment – including covering up abuse. They suffer from a terrible God complex, there is no room for anyone at the top but them. Toxic Girl Boss.   The NGO Feminist ™️  

2. The Like-a-Challenge Feminist:

They rarely get involved in Feminist politics or Organising. They just love to challenge the patriarchy, no one works harder than this group to show you how incompetent and dull cis men are. They dominate all their fields and the only person who can break their record is another Feminist like themselves. The most brilliant Feminists you will ever encounter.   

3. The Well-Meaning White Feminist:

This one is known to cover a lot of Feminist stories and they aren’t afraid to tackle difficult projects. They win awards for being the voice of the people. The problem is, they only ever cover white, cishet stories. Should you point this out they will cry and remind you they attended a BLM rally and put a rainbow on their profile during pride. They will go further to retweet a few articles and paint their large toenail the rainbow colour. After an exhausting 2min of intersectional Feminism, they will go back to covering white cis problems.   


 4. The Diplomatic Feminist:

Polished social media that would make HR Twitter die of ecstasy, the one cis men consider reasonable because they are nothing like those “toxic Feminists”. The type willing to engage in debates with cis men and respect all opinions. The kind NGO Feminists love to groom. They are often frustrated at inequality but would rather other Feminists do the work. Have a very good job at an NGO that probably acts as a money-laundering front for international companies.   

5. The Unknowing Feminist:

Probably never read a feminist book in their life and knows little about Feminist theories. Yet the most Feminist person you will ever meet. Always supports women, big believer in body autonomy, will punch a rapist, attend a rally and give Feminist speeches at parties. Usually the unmarried aunty all the aunties like to gossip about.   

6. The Reformed Patriarchy Princess:

Grew up believing they were second class citizens until they went off to college and became friends with radical and challenger Feminists. Now they can quote Bell Hooks, they plan fundraisers, volunteer at women’s shelters, have ambitions that have nothing to do with men and they might write a feminist memoir one day. They grow up to raise Challenger Feminists.   

7. The Trans Feminist:

Shows up for every group. There isn’t a rally, petition or protest they won’t attend in support of others. They don’t need to relate to the struggle to help out. And yet they are the most unrepresented, underfunded and endangered. No one stands up for them as they do for others. Should they demand a seat at the table, cis people will object and offer to break the table instead.   

8. The Pick me Feminist:


The type to call herself a feminist to appeal to modern-day men but is too afraid to call herself one in front of the not-so-modern men in case it chases them away. She wants the ring, the picture-perfect family and won’t hesitate to throw women or someone in the LGBT community under the bus for this. She’s come this far curating her life for men and Feminism won’t stop that. She will likely marry a homophobe. She understands Feminism, has read a few books to seem cool but actual Feminist work is too much for her. Her focus is men. You will notice her by her “Not All Men” tweets.   My own Feminism is for men ™️  

9. The Radical Feminist:

Doesn’t give a fuck about who they offend as long as they fight for the truth. Heavy into grassroots work, refuses to settle for token Feminism and wants actual change. Will risk their lives and work for the freedom of others. The type you beg to be nice. Hated by the majority of patriarchal enthusiasts. Often blacklisted for speaking the truth and yet they are the first ones everyone calls when they face Injustice. Too radical to like but not too radical to use for free labour. Your “problematic” fave   Miss Andrsit™️  

10. The one that tells you you’re not a real feminist whilst not identifying as one themselves:

Men. They will offer speeches about how Feminism has “lost the plot” as if the plot is on his grandfather’s farm. If there’s one thing they have it’s the audacity. They will give unsolicited lectures on what you should be doing instead of feminism. Chief speaker at “Why Are The Feminists Not Talking About This?”     Men ™️  

So, which feminist are you?


No feminists were harmed in the course of curating this list. Egos maybe. If any of these types of feminists remind you of someone, you’re allowed to share this post with them without telling them which one. We won’t be responsible for how the relationship fares after that but don’t let that stop you.” 

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