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11 Year Old Kano Math Genius Gets World Bank Assisted Scholarship

By Hillary Essien | Aug 5, 2022

Saratu Garba, an 11 year old out of school Math genius from Kano, has gotten a scholarship courtesy of World Bank.

According to Daily Trust, this is spearheaded by Adolescent Girls Initiative For Learning and Empowerment (AGILE), which itself is a World Bank supported project.

This was revealed by AGILE's Communication Officer Aliyu Yusuf on Wednesday in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Prior to the scholarship, Garba became popular after a viral clip of her solving math questions made its rounds on social media. She also did this without the use of calculators.

Garba told a NAN correspondent that she had dropped out of school in Primary 4 and took up hawking.

"I am good in mathematics; whether addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. I can calculate numbers in millions without writing or using a calculator," She said. "I left school because of bullying. My peers used to call me names which I detested.  I will not go back to that school. I’ll be happy to continue my studies in another school, away from them.”

Miss Garba captivated many with her ability to solve mathematical problems without the aid of a calculator or known formulae.

Mr Yusuf, who is also the Deputy Director, Information, Kano State Ministry of Education, said that the project’s National Office had directed its Kano office to identify the girl and enrol her in school.