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"Rehab, therapy and internal healing will prevail", S'African Actress Sonia Mbele Says As Her Son, Donell, Faces Abuse Allegations

By Azeezat Okunlola | Nov 24, 2022

South African actress Sonia Mbele claims that she was taken aback when charges of abuse against her son, Donell Mbele, began circulating online. 

Donell's ex-girlfriend Reokeditswe Makete allegedly accused him of abuse after posting photos of her bruised and swollen face to Instagram.

“He’s logging me out of my accounts, he’s logging me out of my accounts, and he’s deleting all my posts because he wants everybody not to see what a bad man he is. Guys, he did this to me. I was so good to him,” she sobbed in a video.

Another post shows her battered face and the caption, "Donell is deleting my posts he’s logged into my account and is deleting all my posts that are exposing him.”

Actress Sonia Mbele, Donell's mother, spoke out a few hours after the claims of abuse against her son went viral online.

“From the age of 17 to 26 I was with a man who was abusive, physically, psychologically and emotionally. I'm mentioning this so that you understand that as a woman who has suffered ALL kinds of abuse, I do not stand for, support or condone such stance,” she said in a statement.

Furthermore, Sonia says, "finding out on social media broke my heart," and she wishes Reokeditswe had come to her instead.

"I not only welcomed Reokeditswe Makete into my home but I treated her as a daughter and worked with her in support of her career in the entertainment industry, and right now I would like to reassure her that she still has my love and full support," she says.

The actress also stated, “I've always been there, I've always been supportive. I now realise I should have taken preventative measures much earlier such as counselling and/or child therapy, but sometimes the mistake we tend to make as African single mothers is to assume and hope that things will work out for the best meanwhile certain past behaviours can affect generations to come."

Sonia promises that her son will face consequences for his actions.

“With that said Donell will face his demons and take accountability for his actions and let the law take its course. I refuse to raise a man like his father. Rehab, therapy and internal healing will prevail,” she concludes.