5 Tips To Enjoy A Feminist Christmas Holiday

By Atinuke | Dec 27, 2021

You may be wondering, ‘what’s feminist about the holidays?’ The answer, everything. From planning to the actual gatherings, Christmas is powered by the physical and emotional labour of women. 

Here are a few tips to enjoy a feminist Christmas full of love, support and enjoyment; 

  1. Spend the holidays with your chosen family: Sometimes, the family we are born into is merely titular and does not offer love and familial support. This is especially the case for queer people. Holidays tend to force people into uncomfortable positions where they’re forced to spend time with people who dehumanise or reject them when they are being their authentic selves. An integral part of a feminist Christmas is spending it with people who respect you and your views. So, this Christmas, if you can, go where you are loved.
  2. Share the responsibilities (through the year too!): Preparing for the Christmas holidays can be very tasking and most of the work that needs to be done is characteristically gendered. Women should not spend hours slaving away while the men do not contribute. The preparatory effort should be shared, not just at Christmas but also all year long. 
  3. Forget about your weight: Prodding from family members and the large number of delicious things to eat can make some of us sensitive about our weight during the holidays. Remember that your body is perfect as is and enjoy all the food you can guiltlessly; it’s Christmas. Also, do not comment on anyone else’s weight gain or loss, it is simply not anyone’s business.
  4. Feminist-ing at the dinner table: Conversations tend to steer towards questionable subjects in some gatherings. It is not uncommon to hear misogynistic, homophobic, racist banter at family gatherings. Make it your responsibility to call it out; someone has to. That being said, if the conversation is too triggering, protect your space and peace first and foremost. Plus, if you walk out at that moment, it sends a message.
  5. Rest and relaxation: If possible, outsource the laborious parts of the holiday. Hire a caterer, travel, read a book, go to a spa, the possibilities are endless.