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5 Tips To Stay Safe This “Dirty December”

As the tumultuous year that is/was 2021 comes to an end, we look forward to all the events stacked up this yuletide season. Concerts, fests, shows, hangouts and such are lined up in characteristic December fashion and; if you’re in Lagos especially, a prospective Dirty December is in store for you. 

Here are some tips to maximise your enjoyment and safety as you hit the streets this December; 

  1. Mask up: COVID-19 did not disappear just so we can have fun so, we’re just going to have to have fun regardless while maintaining safety protocols and protecting ourselves and those around us. When in public gatherings, ensure you have a mask covering your nose AND mouth. Hand sanitiser is also a necessity. We must also acknowledge that all large gatherings are potential super spreader events and act accordingly. So, mask up and, for the love of God, get vaccinated, please. 
  2. Share your trip locations: Whether you’re using ride-hailing apps, driving yourself or entering public transport, ensure you share your location with people you trust. You can do this through the ride-hailing apps, WhatsApp, Snapchat and more; thank you technology. 
  3. Surround yourself with trusted people: Partying leads to drinking and drinking leads to drunkenness which can potentially put a person in harm’s way. If you intend to drink, ensure you have people around you who care for your safety and will prevent you from making any questionable decisions like climbing the stage at a show or driving drunk. 
  4. Don’t assault or harass anyone: If you feel inspired to violate someone in any way or act outside the boundaries of consent, don’t. Have accountability buddies around to herd you away from innocent people if you know you tend to be a creep or abuser, don’t be unfortunate. 
  5. Don’t accept drugs or drinks from strangers: It is never a good idea to accept alcohol or drugs from random people at outings because you can’t be sure what’s in them. Only accept drinks from trusted sources and if you must; bring your own drugs. 

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