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Around The World In 5

By Editor | May 29, 2022

1. Nigeria

For Menstrual Hygiene day,  A report by Sanitary Aid Nigeria and Document Women revealed that 1 in 3 girls had skipped school because they did not have products for their periods. The report also found that 1 in 5 girls had missed school more than once because of pads.

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2. Syria

Utopia, a small NGO, has been hand-sewing reusable pads in its small workshop in the southwestern city of as-Suwayda, Syria offering a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to women and girls. 

Utopia hopes that making and distributing their pads can help fight stigma, given what activists say is a dearth of information and a reluctance to discuss the problem of period poverty inside Syria.

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3. Myanmar 

In Myanmar, widespread fighting and frequent military attacks on residential areas and displacement camps has severely impacted women’s ability to meet their basic needs during menstruation. Women in Myanmar told Al Jazeera that being constantly on the move hindered their access to sanitary pads and clean water, and said they had little privacy.

They added that sanitary pads were increasingly beyond their budget.

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4. Sudan

Sudanese women’s activist Amira Osman Hamed has won a Front Line Defenders Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk. Ms Hamed,  a long-time activist for women's rights in Sudan, was first arrested in 2002 for wearing trousers, and again in 2013 for refusing to cover her hair.

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5. Afghanistan

 Since seizing power in August, the Taliban have rolled back rights pertaining to women during the two decades of US intervention in Afghanistan. On Sunday morning, Afghan women took to the streets chanting “Education is my right! Reopen schools!” in front of the ministry of education.

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