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Around The World In 5

Around The World In 5

Women continue to fight; not just for themselves but for others. Document Women has gathered stories of bravery, innovation and courage. 

  1. Indonesia

In Indonesia, Coral Catch Gili Air is working to regrow the island’s coral reefs. The environmental group recently received a grant to fund an all-women conservation team to train women from all over Indonesia on how to plant, breed, graft, and garden corals. 

The group’s founder Rose Huizenga believes that sustainable development and women’s empowerment both go hand in hand. 

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  1. Nigeria

A group of Nigerian women are preparing to open a food bank for African migrant families on the Italian island of Sicily. 

The initiative is part of the work done by the Women of Benin City, a group Egbon founded in 2015 with other women who were victims of trafficking to Italy.

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  1. Global

As gender stereotypes continue to hold women back at the workplace, a handful of tech firms say they have developed artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can help break biases in hiring and promotion to give female employees a level playing field.

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  1. Columbia

As Colombia’s court deliberates on whether to fully decriminalize abortion, economists and U.N. officials are urging governments to consider the financial cost of unwanted teenage pregnancy – on girls and the wider economy.

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  1. China

Chinese feminist activists and tennis fans have started using the hashtag #WhereIsPengShuai? on social media to express their concern over tennis stars’ disappearance. 

Earlier this month, Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai accused former Chinese Communist top leader Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault through Weibo. Since then, Peng has not been seen or heard from. 

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