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Around The World In 5

Around The World In 5

The past week’s events are the culmination of the ongoing effects of religious extremism and the aftereffects of the 20-year-long invasion of Afghanistan by western imperialists. Here are some stories detailing the impact of religious extremism on Afghanistan and around the world.

  1. Following the departure of the USA army, the Taliban has seized the helm of administration in Afghanistan and the effects will be far-reaching for human rights generally, particularly women and children’s rights.
    The Taliban have seized control of Afghanistan. What does that mean for women and girls? 
    Is the Taliban’s treatment of women really inspired by Sharia? 
  2. Religious zealots continue to undermine the severity of the coronavirus. They claim to have the cure, thereby contributing to the spread by refusing the vaccine and social distancing methods.
    Borzou Daragahi: Religious extremists are making the coronavirus pandemic even worse 
  3. Fundamentalist Christian schools pass harmful dogma on to students through indoctrination, misinformation and radicalisation. This article examines the ways fundamentalist Christian schools in the UK teach women to be subservient to men.
    Andrew Copson: Christian faith schools remind us there are many forms of extremism 
  4. Around the world, religious extremism continues to inspire acts of terrorist violence.
    Bracing For More Acts Of Violence Based On Religion Or Belief 
  5. Afghan refugees attempt to flee to neighbouring countries in the face of Taliban rule. This week, the events in Afghanistan have created a mass displacement of  Afghans, causing them to seek refuge in other countries. 
    Afghanistan’s Central Asian neighbours panic, reject refugees | Asia News 

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