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Around The World In 5

Around The World In 5

This week, we take a look at stories centring on women’s health and well being, especially concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. Fact-checking service Full-Fact has partnered with a women’s charity, Pregnant Then Screwed, to create a new WhatsApp-based helpline that promises to provide factual answers to questions about the Covid-19 vaccine within 24 hours. They hope to allay the fears of pregnant women concerning the effects of the vaccine on pregnancy and childbirth. 
    WhatsApp service provides fact-checked vaccine information for pregnant women 
  2. The NHS in England has begun to roll out a same-day blood test that can rule out pre-eclampsia in pregnant women. The first of its kind assessment helps rule out the condition in a much quicker and easier way.
    Life-saving world-first NHS test to rule out pre-eclampsia in pregnant women 
  3. The Taliban have asked all women healthcare workers to return to work, claiming women healthcare workers in Afghanistan will face no impediment in performing their duties.
    Taliban Say Afghan Women Health Service Staff Should Go Back to Work
  4. As the delta variant continues to spread, there has been a surge in hospitalizations in America, with doctors say they’re seeing an unprecedented number of pregnant women critically ill with Covid-19. 
    In Covid ICUs, doctors see a surge in critically ill pregnant women
  5. A new research study at the University of Chicago Medicine has found that having vitamin D levels above those traditionally considered sufficient may lower the risk of a covid 19 infection, especially for Black people.
    High vitamin D levels may protect against COVID-19, especially for Black people, study suggests  

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