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Around The World In 5

Around The World In 5

This week has been politically intense from protests in Syria to climate action in Munich – all of which are pivotal to a more inclusive society. In all of this, women have played impactful roles. We take a look at FIVE corporate and political wins from women around the world this week:

  1. Six Nigerian banks now have female MDs. It is always good news to see women at the helm of affairs in thriving organisations especially considering how patriarchy has kept women relegated to secondary roles for so long. We love to see it.
    Groundbreaking! 6 Nigerian Banks Now Have Female MDs 
  1. Samoa’s first female prime minister, Fiame Naomi Mataafa was officially installed on July 23rd. The previous prime minister refused to step down peacefully after the defeat that marked the end of his 22-year rule. Samoa’s court of appeal held that the makeshift swearing-in ceremony for the country’s next government was legal, ushering in a female-led democracy. 
    Samoa’s top court rules that the first female prime minister’s inauguration was legal
  1. Spain’s Prado museum is making concerted efforts to include and showcase the work of female artists. 
    Spain’s Prado overhauls collection to highlight women artists
  1. In the UK, the court held that the housing of transgender women in female prisons is lawful and necessary for the well-being and safety of trans women in prison. This ruling is a step towards proper institutional protection and enforcement of trans rights. 
    Trans women in female jails policy is lawful, High Court rules 
  1. In Rio, a 4-year-old girl clears plastic waste from the ocean with her father, a ripple in the ocean of work needed to tackle the environmental crisis and the pollution of water bodies but a noble and impactful gesture nonetheless.
    In Rio, a 4-year-old girl clears plastic waste from the ocean | Pictures 

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