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Biography of Esther A. Armah

Esther A. Armah is a Ghana-based, London-born international award-winning journalist, a playwright, a global public speaker – a self-described ‘global black chick’ - who has lived, worked, loved, created across three cities in three countries on three continents – London, New York, and Accra. Source: African American Book Club Esther is the Executive Director of the…

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Awazi Angbalaga

Meet Your WNCYA Host

In case you missed it, Document Women now has a podcast! ‘We’re Not Crazy You Are’ is a podcast that features noteworthy women from different parts of the world to discuss global feminist movements with a regional context. This podcast aims to show that women are not hysterical for wondering about the absurdity of sexist…

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#WNCYA Episode 1: The Freedom We Fight For ft Esther Armah

In this episode, Awazi speaks to Ghana-based International award-winning journalist, playwright and Executive Director, The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice, Esther Armah on the intersectionality and structurality of oppression as she simplifies what "Emotional Justice" truly is Tweet your reactions using the hashtag #WNCYA Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & Google Podcasts

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