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Beyoncé Announces Renaissance Act II in Verizon Super Bowl Ad

By Azeezat Okunlola | Feb 12, 2024

During a Super Bowl VIII commercial, Beyoncé announced the release date of her upcoming album, Act II, set for March 29. This album serves as a sequel to her critically acclaimed 2022 release, Renaissance. 

"Okay, they're ready. Drop the new music," the singer instructed at the end of the ad for US communications giant Verizon.

Additionally, the 42-year-old singer unveiled two singles, "Texas Hold 'Em," and "16 Carriages," now available on streaming platforms.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, and Rumi were all present during the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. She was filmed in the crowd calmly sipping from a drink in the moments that followed the advert.

July 2022 saw the release of Beyoncé's Renaissance project's first chapter. Not long after that, she said the record was really the prequel of a trilogy. The album won her a record-breaking 32nd Grammy. The cinematic adaptation of her Renaissance World Tour didn't come out until almost a year after she began the tour. 

She previously hinted at the arrival of Renaissance in an interview for Harper's Bazaar's September 2021 cover story, saying, “I feel a renaissance emerging, and I want to be part of nurturing that escape in any way possible.” Beyoncé shared insights into her creative process, revealing, “I’ve been in the studio for a year and a half. Sometimes it takes a year for me to personally search through thousands of sounds to find just the right kick or snare. One chorus can have up to 200 stacked harmonies. Still, there’s nothing like the amount of love, passion, and healing that I feel in the recording studio. After 31 years, it feels just as exciting as it did when I was nine years old. Yes, the music is coming!”

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