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Chimamanda Adichie Debuts her First Children's Book "Mama's Sleeping Scarf”

By Sera | Mar 27, 2023

Author and resident feminist icon, Chimamanda Adichie makes her first step into the world of juvenile fiction with her upcoming debut children’s book titled “Mama’s Sleeping Scarf.” 

The author made the announcement yesterday via her official Instagram page and described it as a story “about how delightful the ordinary everyday things can be” and is inspired by a day in the life of her daughter. Paying homage to her late mother, the cover page alludes that the author will be writing the book as her mother Nwa Grace James.

“Mama’s Sleeping Scarf” is about a little girl named Chino who loves her mothers silk head scarf that she ties around her head to sleep at night. During the day when her mother is away, Chino takes the scarf alongside her trusted toy bunny on adventures.

The story pays homage to family love and a joyful exploration of the wholesomeness of mother-daughter relationships, and  is set to be released on 5th September, 2023 in the UK and U.S

The book is expected to feature illustrations from the talented Joelle Avelino, the award winning Congolese and Angolan illustrator whose work in Dapo Adeola’s book Hey You! earned it the 2022 British Book Awards ‘Children's illustrated Book of the Year.’