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Dating while feminist and coexisting with the patriarchy

In this week’s episode of WNCYA, we talk to Dimma Umeh, a proud beacon of feminism and Igbo culture, about how the dating pool is for (heterosexual) feminist women and what patriarchy is through the lenses of an Igbo woman. 

Dimma tells us about how she began to incorporate discussions on social issues into her youtube channel in addition to her lifestyle content. Her realisation that many people (women especially) needed an avenue to discuss certain things spurred her on so, she started to discuss social issues in her videos while doing her makeup. Her comment section becomes a place of sharing after these videos, facilitating a sense of community and an avenue for sharing among women via her youtube channel.

The expectation that women be married at a certain age is a noose around our necks and this was the inspiration behind her first video of this sort where she discusses marriage. In subsequent videos on her youtube channel, she speaks on social and feminist issues in her videos. 

“I have a very strong sense of right and wrong and, growing up, a lot of things felt unfair”. Niggling doubts about the rightness of the system of things and how society treated women inspired Dimma’s feminist awakening and as time went on, feminism as a concept started to take more shape to her to the extent that she began to embody and speak about it. 

On the dating pool for feminists, she talks about how arduous dating is for feminists because of the aversion many men have to titular feminists and really, any woman who doesn’t pander to them. 

In speaking about Igbo culture, Dimma’s love for her culture is palpable; however, she recognises the need for the condemnation of certain aspects of culture that oppress women. The refusal to let certain parts of culture go and evolve is the primary reason why these harmful practices persist. 

Listen to episode 4 of “We’re Not Crazy, You Are” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or anywhere you get your podcasts.

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