Do Women benefit from casual relationships?

By Omekedo E. Obialunamma | Nov 11, 2022

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on social media about the mechanics of casual relationships and how they generally impact women. According to a recent article by Sexuality and Culture, women frequently express considerably more regret, loneliness, and sadness following casual sexual encounters.

In the "Was it Good for You? Gender Differences in Motives and Emotional Outcomes Following Casual Sex" study, 701 participants (47 per cent men and 52.8 per cent women) completed a 44-item online survey created to show what motivates people to have casual sex, what emotional outcomes follow casual sex and whether there are gender differences among these variables.

Another study involving 24,230 people found that 46 per cent of women experienced regret after casual sex compared to 23 per cent of men 

Despite the change in traditional gender roles and how partnerships are now seen, they experience more negative emotions after the end of a causal connection than men do.

One could argue that the development of causal relationships is mostly due to the advent of online dating. I had the most exciting experience of my life when I first met my partner online, until I discovered that we were entering what some may call "a situationship." It was great at first, but I started to worry when I realised how close we were to accepting a lack of accountability.

Women are typically disadvantaged in casual relationships or situationships as some might prefer to term them. The reason for this is that a lot of women tend to forget that the word "casual" does not also imply a lack of responsibility and boundaries. 

Many women enter into casual relationships without demanding appropriate, candid conversation about what the ground rules ought to be. On the other hand, many men don't appear to care about treating the women they are in these relationships with the respect they should, instead seeming to enjoy the lack of boundaries that casual relationships are intended to bring.

I have met several men who spoke poorly of the women they have a casual relationship with. They characterise these interactions as agreements or favours that must be given to the other party. I notice that nobody feels bashful or finds it embarrassing when the partners they engage with intimately do not treat them with respect. 

It is crucial to remember that the victim should never bear the shame that results from unfair treatment in a relationship.

Men are more likely than women to hold these opinions, seeing women as prey for emotional abuse. There's a failure to take responsibility concerning sexual and reproductive health.

Some of the men I've encountered over the years care next to nothing about maintaining their sexual health. Some women get into casual relationships with a certain amount of trust, which can occasionally be betrayed by a man who decides to put her sexual health in danger by engaging in intimate encounters with other partners without protection. 

So, do straight women benefit from casual relationships? My sincere response would be "no." The disadvantages exceed the benefits, and women frequently suffer as a result. This makes such an arrangement more enjoyable for men than it is for women.

Can women still have casual relationships? Yes, that would be my response. Women should remember that a causal relationship does not imply a lack of accountability, responsibility, or boundaries. 

You can establish rules that make you feel safe and taken care of. Despite not wanting commitment, you are a queen who deserves respect and good attention. Keep in mind to establish these guidelines beforehand and leave if you feel uncomfortable.