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Imo State: PDP Presidential Campaign Team Attempts To Win Over Market Women, Artisans, and Others

By Azeezat Okunlola | Feb 10, 2023

Greg Egu, director general of the Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) in Imo State, has been speaking to market women, trade unionists, craftsmen, and vehicle/motorcycle operators, promising them that Atiku's win will solve the state's and country's economic and social problems.

Former House of Representatives member, Egu, made this statement yesterday at a massive gathering held at Owerri Alaba International and Relief Market.

Voters, he urged, should reject any politician's attempt to bribe them with promises of material gain, and instead cast their ballots en masse for Atiku, who, he claimed, possesses the tools necessary to pull the country out of its economic crisis.

He said, "Atiku represents the face of a new Nigeria, and his footprints as a customs officer and former Vice President of Nigeria are evidence of a man willing to transform his country for good."

He gave his word that Atiku will do something about the soaring cost of living, plummeting gas costs, and soaring food prices.

He urged them to work together with the party to make their rescue mission a success.

"Do not allow the current economic situation to discourage you from supporting Atiku. PDP possesses the best manifesto that can solve Nigeria’s perennial social, economic and political challenges within the first two years on seat," he added.

Angela Iwunna, who spoke on behalf of the traders, was overjoyed to report that the traders' faith had been restored thanks to the PDP PCC team's reassurances.