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Kerala Minister R. Bindu, Author Mridula Ramesh and Dr Methil Devika Speak On 'Gender Bias'

By Azeezat Okunlola | Jun 3, 2023
Minister R Bindu of Kerala, Dr Methil Devika, and Mridula Ramesh discussed "gender — the other frontiers to conquer" on India Today Conclave South 2023.
Dr R. Bindu, Kerala's Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice; Ms Mridula Ramesh, author and founder of the Sundaram Climate Institute; and Dr Methil Devika, Dance Exponent and Academic, discussed the difficulties they face in maintaining a work-life balance, with a particular emphasis on the topic of gender.
According to R. Bindu, boys are given guns as children whereas girls are given kitchen sets and dolls. She declared that "a sincere approach" is needed to make Indian society more welcoming to women and transgender people.
Mridula Ramesh, when asked about the hardships she encountered as a child, said, "A hundred per cent of the family falls on the woman, is what I have observed."
"The responsibility of any family is entirely on the woman, and that needs to change," she argued.
Dr Methil Devika also spoke about balancing work and family during the event.
Dr R. Bindu explained gender roles in society by noting that boys often receive weapons as presents while girls receive kitchen sets or dolls, which they treat like babies.
When this happens, she continued, "It goes without saying that the men are supposed to be a bit violent, but the women need to be someone handling the house chores and the kitchen."
Dr Methil Devika, addressing the issue of violence against women, stated, "A study suggests that domestic violence against Indian women has only increased."
The moment she added, "Women need to take care of the children and the elderly at home, which means less time to dedicate to work," the implication was clear.
"Seventy per cent of Indian women suffer domestic violence," said Dr Bindu.
"Indian society is the most dangerous society for women today," she continued.
The three ladies also discussed the status of women in modern-day India.
"Society needs to change its attitude towards women. Only then can we bring about a visible change," said Dr R Bindu.
Mridula Ramesh, on the other hand, maintained that "women have come a long way, but a little more improvement would do no harm."
Dr. MeDrl Devika, commenting on the topic, remarked, "Working as a woman is not easy, but it is absolutely rewarding."


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