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Man Who Held Two Women Captive At His House And Tortures Them Gets Arrested

By Azeezat Okunlola | May 22, 2023
A convicted criminal in California was arrested after two ladies reported being held captive inside his home and tortured with a stun gun. 
On May 14 at around 9:22 a.m., deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a home on Prairie Dog Lane in Moreno Valley in response to a 911 call.
Gilberto Murillo Puga Jr., 53, called 911 to report that two women had broken into his home. The Sheriff's Office stated in a press statement on Wednesday that dispatchers received another call about two girls who were at Puga's residence screaming for help.
According to CBS News, officers responding to the incident saw two women leave Puga's home on foot.
The Sheriff's Office noted that the inquiry established the two ladies were not burglars but were held captive at Puga's house against their will and tortured.
On May 15th, police in Hemet, California, arrested Puga on various felony charges, including two counts of false imprisonment and two counts of assault with a stun pistol. According to jail records obtained by Law&Crime, he was additionally charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a weapon and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia. Puga was imprisoned at the Robert Presley Jail with bail amount of $1 million.
Authorities have neither released the names of the two victims, nor how or why the victims ended up in Puga's house.
Puga's friends and relatives say he displayed risky behaviors that should have been a red flag. Sammy, one of Puga's neighbors, claims the suspect broke into his home and smashed a window there in the past.
Sammy told ABC7, "He broke into my house and he was letting all my birds out and trying to get in my house and trying to break the window."
Mark Glasser, Puga's cousin, has said that Puga suffers from mental illness and that his behavior has generated friction within the family. He also held the government accountable, saying they should not have let him out of prison when he was seeking care for his bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
"Pay more attention to the mental state of these people they're kicking back out on the streets. That, you know, somebody should come to talk to the family and ask, 'What do you think about this guy? Should he be back on the streets?'" Glasser told the outlet.
Puga has a criminal history that includes convictions for car theft, assault on a police officer, and DUI, as evidenced by court documents.
"I grew up with him, I love him," Glasser said, according to CBS News. "But it's crazy to see him like this. He's never really healed, but they say he is so they let him back out on the streets."