Matter of Time: Dami Oniru Lets Us Into Her Head On Sophomore EP

By Boluwatife Alege | Dec 20, 2022

Matter of Time is the sophomore EP by rising Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer- Dami Oniru. On her debut project- Bri’s Lounge, Dami showcased her excellent songwriting skills on relaxing, melodious R&B-influenced tunes. She took these up a notch on Matter of Time, especially with the production. However, on this EP, she sounds more confident as she now has a firmer grasp of her abilities. The major themes are romance, self-love, heartbreak and growth. 


The EP’s opener, Just 4 U, is a brooding expression of how Dami feels towards a love interest, her readiness for love and how she has been dealing with certain emotions that have been building up in her. The backing vocals highlight her inner turmoil compellingly. 


Emotions find Dami begging her love interest as she feels trapped. She is in love with them and ready to do what they want but fearful that they will break her heart. Basically, she is the only one invested in the relationship, as they cannot even be bothered to reply to her. 

The lyric- “My girls told me to set some boundaries” is so relatable because we have all been there. When the heartbreak eventually comes, it’s still our friends (or girls, in this case) we run back to. The baritone vocals on this track make it stand out and elevate it from a traditional love song to a charming one. 


As the title implies, Dami wants to enjoy her life on the light-hearted Soft Life. She repeatedly declares that money is all she needs and she will be fine—honestly, same sis. Friday is a sensual R&B track detailing a covert romance between Dami and her lover. Caribbean influences are present, and the production is reminiscent of early and mid-2000s R&B songs. 


On Know My Name, she has grown tired of her lover’s antics and does not want to waste her time anymore. The lyrics seem to be the progression of a conversation between Dami and her lover. Initially, she refuses to listen to his pleas for another chance but ultimately decides to hear him out despite her mind being made up. The production technique on this track sounds similar to the one used on songs by 90s R&B American girl groups, especially Destiny’s Child and TLC. 


Run 2 You is a heartfelt record about a woman at a crossroads. She does not want to leave her significant other, who also happens to be her safe place, but she knows she should because she is going insane in the relationship. Dami’s candid and commendable songwriting shines as she befittingly rounds off the EP.  How she inhales and then exhales at the end of Run 2 You adequately conveys her exhaustion. You can’t help but feel it. Her “tired” is genuinely “tired.”


Something I admire about Dami Oniru’s artistry is that she is familiar with her vocal abilities and capitalizes on them, without trying to overcompensate. She knows what she can do and is comfortable with it. This is definitely better than straining her voice trying to deliver runs way above her vocal range.  

This does not in any way diminish her abilities, as Dami can smoothly and gracefully carry a melodious tune.

The production is conscientiously done and the lyricism and vocals efficiently relay the vulnerability she aims to inspire. 

This EP further cements the fact that Dami Oniru and Remy Baggings are a powerful artiste-producer duo. 

Matter of Time is not simply Dami Oniru’s sophomore project. It is another crucial step she has taken towards carving her own path and moving upwards in the music industry. 


Standout tracks: Emotions, Friday, Run 2 You.

Score: 8.5/10


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