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Meet Your WNCYA Host

In case you missed it, Document Women now has a podcast! ‘We’re Not Crazy You Are’ is a podcast that features noteworthy women from different parts of the world to discuss global feminist movements with a regional context. This podcast aims to show that women are not hysterical for wondering about the absurdity of sexist situations. Rather, it is those who are dedicated to ensuring that women receive the shorter end of the stick, who are indeed out of touch with reality.

WNCYA is hosted by a 27-year-old Nigerian broadcast journalist, radio presenter, project manager and voice actor, Awazi Angbalaga.

Awazi is a highly recognized on-air presenter in Lagos, Nigeria. She was a 2018 nominee for The Future Africa Award Prize for an On-Air Radio Personality.

After she graduated from Mass Communication at the University of Lagos, she worked with Soundcity FM were used her platform while there to kickstart conversations around the exclusive nature of the music industry in Nigeria and the harm it causes to women.

Awazi is also the host for Hot in Naija, a show which counts down the 40 hottest and most trending songs in Nigeria. As a feminist, one of Awazi’s goals revolves around body image in women. She has granted interviews to For Creative Girls on the necessity of raising girls who are comfortable in their skin. In addition to that, she has written for Guardian Nigeria on topics still on body image and acceptance especially from the perspective of dark-skinned women.

As a voice actor, she played a role in Ladybuckit, which is Nigeria’s first locally produced cinema-quality animation movie. She also does voice-overs for commercial projects and docuseries.

Awazi was also an Associate Producer at NairaBox and an on-air personality at Cool FM Nigeria.

Currently, she serves as the Executive Coordinator/Chief of Staff to the CEO at Eden Life.

Awazi is the Advocacy Coordinator for HandsOffNG, a feminist group dedicated to combating rape culture through awareness-raising especially amongst young children. In May 2019, she was also a key speaker at the #SayHerNameNigeria protests which were created to speak on the rape and unlawful arrests and harassment of women in Abuja by members of the AEPB.

She is also a very vocal advocate against on-campus sexual harassment and made an appearance in the BBC Africa Eye documentary #SexForGrades. She has also appeared on television discussing the intricacies of sexual harassment in universities.

Listen to WNCYA on Anchor

She’s worked with Stand To End Rape as a resource person and project coordinator for projects including like SexForGrades mentioned above. 

We bet you are just as excited as we are to have her and her incredible personality grace DW’s first-ever podcast.

Don’t forget to follow WNCYA on all your favourite podcast listening platforms.

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