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Nestlé Nigeria Empowers Rural Women Across Nigeria.

By Angel Nduka-Nwosu | Jun 14, 2022

Food and Beverage company, Nestlé Nigeria has set out to empower women residing in rural areas across Nigeria. 

It is doing this to help improve the financial security and standard of living of women from more regions in Nigeria.

According to a report by THEWILL, the company launched the fourth phase of the Nestlé Empowering Rural Women in Nigeria Project recently in Port Harcourt.

In addition to the previous beneficiaries of the mentorship and training programs, 50 more women from the South-South were added to partake in the program.

Some of the benefits aside from the mentorship and training given to the women include grants and financial assistance for their businesses, especially as women are involved in the sale of retail Nestlé products.

Commenting on the importance of the scheme, Mr Phranklin Audu, Head, Partnerships and Training at FD Consults said: 

"The Nestlé Empowering Rural Women project is such an amazing initiative. The progress and growth recorded by the women in the several states where the project is already ongoing is quite refreshing to see. 

We are talking about visible growth. Grade-C retailers are moving up the distribution ladder and more importantly, these women are doing more sales turnovers thereby earning higher incomes for themselves. We must commend the visioners of this project and the entire project team for staying true to cause”.