New Year Resolutions And Making It A Girls’ Year

By Atinuke | Jan 3, 2023

There’s nothing like the conviction that comes with new year resolutions; what could be better than a new year for a fresh start?

As we enter the new year and resolve to be better people, eat better, to shed bad habits, we should also resolve to commit ourselves to causes bigger than us, marginalised people and our communities.

This year, we hope you actively try to be a “girl’s girl”; a woman who prioritises other women, supports, uplifts, encourages, defends women and most importantly, a woman does not throw other women under the bus to pander to men. A girl’s girl knows the importance of structures for support in a society where women often lack support and so, they do what they can to connect women with the resources they need, even if it is just love, care and friendship.

Many problems that women face are not individualistic or unique to women alone. Remember, there are intersections in our oppression. Part of being pro-girl is propping up women who are not rich, straight, white and thin. A girl’s girl sees women who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, black women, poor women and disabled women as deserving of support and a sense of community. 

Being pro-girl will require you to examine your biases and to become more open to and accepting of all women from all walks of life. No more girl-boss, surface level, face value feminism; this year, intersectionality is key. 

See something, say something” should govern our interactions with other women this year in situations of injustice or abuse. Shame perpetrators, demand accountability and protect and defend victims if you are ever in the position to do so. It is necessary to speak up where women are being harmed. It is not our job to protect wicked men and uphold the patriarchy. Instead, we should seek better for ourselves and other women. 

In all this, remember yourself. The new year gives you a blank sheet to reinvent yourself. Remember to look forward to better opportunities that will come your way. Let go of what was, and look forward to what is or will be. We need to celebrate that you have your life and you have more to achieve in the coming year.

As we draft our resolutions and prepare to follow through on them, let’s also resolve to make a conscious effort to centre women this year.

Cheers to a pro-girl 2023!

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