Uhuru Watch

Ruby Chinenye

By Angel Nduka-Nwosu | Jun 27, 2022

Ruby Isaac Chinenye is campaigning for the post of president ahead of Nigeria's 2023 elections under the Young Progressives Party (YPP).

Education and Career

According to her website, Ruby Isaac Chinenye is the Managing Director of RubyCom, a business services company. The company is into real estate management, investment, finance and the multimedia industry.

Electoral Vision.

Her electoral vision covers a range of concerns such as tackling insecurity, and perennial education sector strikes. According to a report by Best Naira News, Ms Chinenye also promised to lift Nigeria out of its foreign debt crisis.

She also promised to salvage dysfunctional public institutions in the country, saying that quality and functional education was a catalyst for national development.

“It is shameful to see education stakeholders who have not performed well now vying for elective positions while the system suffers and youths suffer longevity in studying short-term courses as a result of their insensitivity and selfishness." 

She promised to use the party’s strategies to tackle poverty, and overhaul the police and other sister agencies for better results.