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SDP Disqualifies Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi From Presidential Race.

By Angel Nduka-Nwosu | Jun 8, 2022

The Social Democratic Party has disqualified Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi from the 2023 presidential race. 

Before that, Ms Okunnu-Lamidi was the presidential aspirant for the party and the first woman to declare her intentions for the race.

According to a report by The Will Nigeria, Ms Okunnu-Lamidi was disqualified by her party because she lacked the experience needed for the post of president. 

“She exudes confidence, high communication skills, pleasant personality, charisma, and enthusiasm, but she is, however, limited by experience.

“She is not presidential material in Nigeria context. She is advised to go down to other positions. If the party wins the presidency, she has demonstrated potential to hold any cabinet office”, the party wrote in its recommendation.

The party's presidential primary election for a new candidate is scheduled to hold today June 8th at the International Conference Center, Abuja.

Ms Okunnu-Lamidi has been encouraged to consider other positions like local government chairman and member of the state or national house of assembly.

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