Terdoo Bendega: On Allegations of Sexual Abuse, Blackmailing, Grooming and Non-Consensual Sextapes

By Azeezat Okunlola | Apr 6, 2023
Early this week, Document Women commenced an investigation into the allegations of abuse, revenge porn and grooming made against the person of Mr Terdoo Oluwadara Bendega, a Nigerian graduate of the University of Leeds, UK, and former employee at Nestle Nigeria. The investigation was prompted by threads on multiple accounts on Twitter calling out the accused.
Bendega, who was the growth manager at Omnibiz, a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform that optimises supply chain processes, has been dismissed in light of the damning revelations. On Monday, the firm issued an official statement explaining that he is no longer an employee of the company and urging his accusers to file complaints through the appropriate quarters.
Bendega has been revealed to have allegedly gone through several burner porn accounts including; @yabaslut @lereslut, @whoislere, @terdoh, @olvdara, @pervetedhost etc. Several of Terdoo's complainants have described his modus operandi: "He drugs women, records sexts of them without their consent, and then blackmails them into doing his bidding", which, according to our investigation, encompasses manipulating them into verbally attacking and ridiculing his most recent victims if they succeed in fleeing from his grip.
He allegedly runs a huge and thriving sex burner community on Twitter and Telegram named “Whore House”, and is known to prey on women's emotions and desires, specifically seeking out single mothers, women with a history of abuse, and women with low-self esteem. He also has a track record of stalking and abusing women who 'dare to leave him', before going on to distribute and sell their non-consented sex tape with his kink community who in turn share their own fantasies.
Knowing that calling him out publicly could lead to repercussions for them as well as slut shaming, these women often either report his accounts or fall back into his deceptive traps. He also likes to share random images of women who he had made advances at, at one time or the other, implying that he knew them and had a sort of cordial relationship with them. 
Recently, his ex-girlfriend, who goes by the handle @blaccnwyt and who, according to Document Women's findings, was a part of his burner community and also went on to distribute their consensual sex tapes on these burner sites, publicly called him out for abuse. Document Women reached out to her on this account, but she declined to comment.
Furthermore, Terdoo's alleged solicitation of his colleague at Nestle, which proved to be a significant deal, has been corroborated by interviews with a former colleague who has asked to remain nameless. 
While many in the sex burner community have avoided interviews for fear of being exposed, one member of the Telegram burner channel "Whore House" has spoken out about how the discovery that some of those videos were shot without consent has devastated him. He maintains that he and the other individuals with whom he has communicated had no idea that the materials Terdoo posted as channel administrator had been obtained illegally.
The channel has since been taken down while some members are now helping with investigations into Bendega's alleged distribution of “revenge porn".
The member, who pleaded anonymity, claimed that while Bendega and his ex-girlfriend had posted several videos of themselves on the space, other members had also talked about their fantasies and shared sexual content without judgement. He also added that shortly after their breakup, Terdoo began posting pictures and videos of other ladies, but he believed it to be very normal seeing as sex workers and other persons shared content of themselves with various partners.
Document Women was also provided with screenshots from this telegram group, wherein Terdoo shared said videos tagged “dinner was delectable today”, following a response by a fellow subscriber “Obi” saying “Let’s see how you ate it.”
A lady who had come in contact with him in 2021 claims to have seen folders of women’s nudes dating back to 2012, the very same ones some of the ladies he had victimised claimed to have seen on his laptop. The said folder, according to their statements, contains numerous files of sex tapes and nudes segmented by the names of the women in them;
“God saved me…I found he had a collection of nudes. Each folder had a name. He said it was an addiction that he was working on. He made it seem like he needed my help, my support and he deleted it to show me he was trying to be better. I stayed, and support, I gave. I never sent nudes in my life and I found it weird but he said he enjoyed it and that he prefers it sent to him rather than him asking,” one woman who dated him said.
“I would try to take and send but would often forget, The moment he asks he’s already in the mood. If I don’t send it asap it'll turn to fight. I got scared whenever he’d say ‘I’m horny’. For years I tried to keep up. He made me believe that sending was helping him get over his addiction. But one day I found the same collection on his hard drive. I was so mad at the lies, the deception. He downplayed it. Made some excuses. See, he’s good with words. He’s a writer. And he could be very romantic. He was a good boyfriend. Prioritised me. Took care of me. But the emotional manipulation was premium. He would beg me to stay. He often said, “Don’t throw the baby with the bath water”.  And I loved him with my whole heart. It broke me but I forgave him cause it was easier to do that than move on.” 
“The first time we had sex, he started to record me. He casually placed the laptop on the chair in the hotel room and stepped out. I noticed the red light on the laptop and closed it. When he came I confronted him. He downplayed it and I took it as one of these things boys do. I made him delete it. I saw on the laptop he had another recording of another girl he had sex with. I made him delete it too. I saw things, from him getting nudes from pregnant women to girls that are struggling with self-esteem. He targets those people. He would gas them up in his texts and get them to send their nudes and gass them even more to emotionally connect with them. Make them feel good. I confronted him about it and in my anger I slapped him. He eventually turned the argument on me and played the victim because I slapped him. I begged him oh. Lol. In my head, I knew it was absurd but the situation played out to me being the one at fault and for peace, to reign, I begged…He broke me.”
Even more ladies have reached out to call him out on the activities he had carried out with the said burner accounts on Twitter. One lady claimed all the listed accounts had at one time or the other posted her pictures without consent: “Some were taken down after I asked but he refused some other times. I’ll block one account and another is posting my pic like a week after.”
Another lady claimed he had stopped talking to her in 2019, when he went to the University of Leeds, but had put up her nudes on different burners to entertain his audience, while another sent proof of unsolicited videos where he was masturbating;
“He randomly sent me a picture of his penis last year. No prior sexual conversation. Nothing at all. Although he tried striking up conversations with me, it didn't go through…I didn’t say anything because…it was jarring,” she finished.
In the video, Terdoo allegedly requested the woman to "come clean him up" after sending her a video of his penis, and then adding "Holy shit! I’m sorry that was a mistake 💀💀💀💀💀," but making no efforts to retract the messages.
Because of the potential revenge porn, all accounts recorded in this story are anonymous. The DSVA and NAPTIP have been made aware of this case and an investigation has been launched. Investigative journalist and current CEO of Document Women Kiki Mordi is working to help victims safely report through an online portal.
According to the Nigerian Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS), 2018 found that 9 per cent of women aged 15 to 49 had suffered sexual assault at least once in their lifetime and 31 per cent had experienced physical violence.
Document Women believe the number could be higher if the Nigerian Police Force provides safe passage for victims to report without being subject to further abuse. We therefore, join hands in calling on the Nigerian Police Force and The National Human Rights Commission to take action immediately in providing safe passage for victims of sexual and gender-based violence to safely and anonymously report cases to the authorities.
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